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Frankoma Dog Bank # 385

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Hey everyone, I'm new to Frankoma. I have bought and sold a few pieces in the past, but have very limited knowledge. I attended a flea market over the weekend and found a lovely Frankoma dog bank, #385

The rubber stopper is old and cracked (due to age?) not sure if it is the original?

The clay appears to be Ada clay. I used the test I found online regarding the 2 clays. I moistened my fingertip and touched the clay bottom, and there was no change in the color of the clay.

The dog itself is in mint condition, the rubber stopper is cracked.

Can anyone please give me any info regarding this really cool dog bank?

Thanks so much in advance, looking forward to learning more about Frankoma!


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Between 1980 and 1983, Frankoma made a whole series of banks: Elephant (380), Piggy (381), Mallard (382), Boot (383), Owl (384), Dog (385) and Cat (386). I have seen the Piggy bank and Boot bank fairly often on eBay, but the others don't seem to show up as often. There is a photo of the Dog bank on page 51 of the Phyllis & Tom Bass book, Frankoma and Other Oklahoma Potteries.

Gary Schaum's book value on the #385 is $25-$35 but, depending upon the color, it may be worth more since it is seldom seen. The #385 was discontinued in 1982. There is another "dog" bank known as the Collie Head bank that was made in 1971. It's book value is considerably more: $125-$150.

Since none of the banks was made before 1980, none could be Ada clay. You hear a lot about that wet-the-finger test, but I believe it to be quite unreliable. The best way to learn about Frankoma (I know I sound like a broken record on this topic) is to get a good book (like the Schaum book) and study the beautiful pictures and the price guide.

[sudden unrelated thought: I wonder how many million people have never heard the sound made by an actual broken record.]

I'm glad you want to learn more about Frankoma. Your obvious enthusiasm is infectious.

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