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Traditional Egg-nog

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Hi there, i recently spent the summer working in the US and a lovely girl i met there gave me an old recipe for a christmas egg-nog.

I cannot find it anywhere and was really looking forward to making it for my family this christmas. Does anybody have any old family egg-nog recipes or just recommend a good traditional one for this desperate Englishman?

I can trade it for my grandmothers bangers and mash recipe!



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I have pulled links to several options from our resources here at -- three different eggnog recipes and an eggnog article containing even more recipes. Here they are:


Eggnog II

Rompope (Mexican Eggnog)

The Joy of Egg Nog

The first recipe, Eggnog, is your good, basic eggnog. The second, Eggnog II, is a little fancier -- almost dessert-like. The third, Rompope, is strong, sweet and meant to be sipped. The article, "The Joy of Eggnog," contains these and several more eggnog recipes -- even an eggless version (Milk Punch).

I hope you are can find one or more that you like. And, by all means, do send us Granny's Bangers & Mash recipe.

As always, readers are encouraged to post their favorite eggnog recipes in response to your request.

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