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Need Help W/marking

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Your trivet, like most (but not all) Frankoma pieces, bears a mold number. That's what the "94TRH" is -- a mold number. Frankoma had at least three trivets in the "94" series (that's just a mold number and has nothing to do with 1994). The Rooster trivet is 94TR, the Cattle Brand trivet is 94TRC and the Horse Shoe, of course, is 94TRH. Frankoma made many other trivets, and one can only wonder why they didn't use this numbering system on all of them, but they didn't.

The 94TRH was in production for a long time -- from 1957 to 1982. From the inscription on the back of yours, I believe it was probably a specialty order; that is, it was ordered for some special occasion. Frankoma made many specialty pieces that were custom-ordered for special occasions by various businesses and clubs.

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