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Frankoma Collie Head

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Yea not too long ago I purchased a Frankoma Collie Head. On the back of the head it has a date of 1955. The name S. Frazier is also on the back. I have seen others like this, but i still do not know much about it. If anyone would plz respond to this on the value or just some basic info about this great piece i would appreciate it dearly. O yea and it has a dull red color to it. Srry i dont have a pic of it, but if u want u can search it on google images.


Beth Poynter

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As a matter of fact, there is currently a #122 Collie Head on eBay. I grabbed these photos, but I don't know if this is yours.


This piece was designed by Bernard Frazier (the signature on the back is B. Frazier (not "S") around 1955. There is a larger version that is 9-1/2" tall known as the 122LG.

The #122 was produced for a period of several years during the mid-Fifties. It was during this same time that Frankoma switched from the light Ada clay to the dark red Sapulpa clay, so this piece is found in both clays. The tricky part in identifying your piece is that it was again put into production from 1972 to 1975 and, by that time, the vein of Sapulpa clay had lightened in color -- but not as light as Ada.

For instance, the piece pictured appears to be Ada clay; however, the glaze looks to me more like Coffee. The Coffee glaze was introduced by Frankoma in 1973. Therefore, if the piece above is Coffee, it can't be Ada clay. Frankoma used a lot of the Sorghum Brown glaze during the Fifties, but the piece in the photo appears to be lighter than Sorghum Brown. Photographs can be misleading. Very often pieces photograph lighter or darker because of lighting conditions or the camera used.

I understand that your piece includes the year 1955 on the back (and I'm assuming the "1955" is molded into the piece -- not merely hand-written or etched into it). Obviously, the pictured piece does not. The "1955" on your piece does not guarantee that it was actually made in that year, but may indicate that it was designed then.

Gary Schaum's book states values for the #122 as follows: Sapulpa clay: $85-$100. Ada clay: $150-$200.

(Incidentally, the #122LG, which was made in Ada clay only, is valued at $450-$500.)

If this information helps you identify your Collie Head, let us know what you think you have. Whatever year it was made, it's a really nice of Frankoma.

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