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Do any of yall know where can I find a home made charcoal smoker for less that $500?

I am looking to buy a charcoal smoker as a present. I want one that is made by someone. Not just one you pick up at a store. I know there are a lot of welders out there that do smokers on the side. I have to spend less than $500. Website's would be nice but I will take any info you have. Thanks so much!

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BBQ Pits by Klose in Houston makes some really nice stuff. From his website, though, it looks like what you're interested in starts at $695 (nice grill, though). See http://www.bbqpits.com/ Click around the website and see all that they offer.

Tejas Smokers at http://www.tejassmokers.com/ have some nice grills and smokers, too, but I didn't see anything for $500, although I just scanned the site. Tons of information on the site.

Knowing full well that you can find just about anything on eBay, I just checked, and there's a good-looking smoker that comes up in about 5 hours. At the moment, the bidding is at $150, but lots of people are bidding on it. You may be able to view it at http://cgi.ebay.com/Smoke-N-Pit-Pitmaster-...1QQcmdZViewItem

If you get in on that too late, keep on checking eBay. The search term I used was charcoal (grill,smoker) under Home & Garden. At present, 168 items came up under that search, not all of which are what you're interested in. But eBay constantly changes, and there's no telling what you will find if you just keep an eye on it.

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