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Fantastic Fiesta Hlc Live Auction On Ebay

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I'm posting this a little late, but I only just recently became aware of this auction. I don't know if this link works: http://search.liveauctions.ebay.com/search...%26+Memorabilia

but, if not, go to ebay and search on Vintage Fiesta until you come to one of the Strawser auctions (Strauser is an auction house). When you find one of them, click on "View all lots". They all end tomorrow. Pay close attention to the ending time because it's PDT (Pacific Daylight Savings Time) -- West Coast time.

There are over 600 items -- 12 pages. Everything from Riviera, Harlequin, Kitchen Kraft, and the most amazing pieces of vintage Fiesta. You have to sign up for the auction before you bid. Read the instructions carefully. I had never participated in one of the live auctions before, but I managed to figure it out, so I imagine just about anybody can do it.

The first half of the auction was today (Friday), but they may have saved the best stuff for the second day.

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If any of you caught any part of the live Vintage Fiesta auction on eBay, I'm sure that you, like me, found it to be both exciting and dismaying. I viewed the live auction on Saturday only (I participated on Friday, but with an absentee bid), and all was going well for a while. It started at 9 a.m. EDT, and went very well for about two hours.

Then it just stopped. The eBay Live Auction page I had been viewing just froze. I thought it was my computer or a slowed-down DSL connection, but then I got an email from the auction house (Strawser Auctions) saying that they had temporarily stopped the auction because of online technical difficulties. After a half hour or so, they sent another email saying they had to start up the auction again despite the technical problems. From then on, it never worked right.

I must say that the Strawser people were very efficient and nice. They could tell that I was attempting to bid on items "live." My bids weren't going through because eBay Live was running about 5 minutes behind what was actually happening at the auction house. I was surprised to get a phone call from a Strawser representative asking if I wanted to do some phone bidding since the eBay Live people couldn't seem to fix the problem. I gave them the lot numbers I was interested in, and they agreed to call me back when those items were about to come up.

Sure enough, they called me back at the right time, and I bid on and won two items. I could hear the auctioneer in the background chattering away.

The reason they could call me is because you have to sign up for these live auctions and, when you sign up, you give them email address and phone number, etc.

Anyway, I messaged eBay about the problem, and they responded very promptly and apologetically. They said that they were having the problem with all their live auctions Saturday, and were working to make sure it didn't happen again, etc.

So, call me a novice, but I found the whole thing very exciting. It was a new experience for me. And the Fiesta collection being auctioned was fantastic!

I'd love to hear the views of anyone else who watched (or attempted to watch) or participated in the Strawser Fiesta auction.

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Strawser auctions is just up the interstate from me in Indiana and they do both a spring and a fall auction of Fiesta, they have the most fantastic array of pieces you have ever seen and are just super nice people to do business with. You can sign up on their web site for advance notice of the auctions and they will send the complete sale bill (often 10 plus pages) with VERY accurate of the items condition.

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