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Advantium Oven Recipes

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Does anyone know how to convert traditional recipes to recipes for the Advantium oven. For example, my meatloaf cooks for one hour at 350 degrees. There is a sample meatloaf recipe that comes with the included Advantium cookbook but that recipe weight about 40% less than mine. Help!

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You might try the GE Answer Center at ANSWERCTR@exchange.appl.ge.com.

I have no personal experience with the Advantium, but I have noticed that most of the GE Advantium recipes are, like the meatloaf recipe, smaller versions (for example, their lasagna makes an 8-inch square pan, whereas most traditional lasagna recipes yield a 9x13-inch dish).

You can always make your regular meatloaf recipe, fire up the Advantium, and just go for it. Set it for half the time and see what happens. If it's not done, put it back in until it is.

I hope some of our readers with personal Advantium experience can give you a better answer.

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