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Someone wrote recently with questions about the #113 Frankoma fan dancer piece. Here is what I can tell you:

The fan dancer, one of Frankoma's most enduringly popular and well-known pieces, was produced from 1934 to 1975 and reissued in 1997. That's a pretty long run for a fan dancer. So long, in fact, that the piece can be found in many Frankoma glazes.

The Schaum book lists values for #113 at $250-$400 for Sapulpa clay, $450-$750 for Ada clay, and $1250-$1500 for pieces with the Norman mark (pre-1938).

I don't think there is any doubt that Sally Rand inspired the piece. Sally Rand became a star at the 1933 "Century of Progress" World's Fair in Chicago, where she and her fan dance caused a sensation. She enjoyed a lengthy career, performing well into her sixties. Below is a photo of Sally and her fans.


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