I'm New At Frankoma Even Though I Have 43 Pieces

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Hi, even though I have 43 pieces of Frankoma, I'm new at trying to decide colors and patterns. The main ones I have, 39 pieces I know. They are marked 5 and a letter, and are in the prarie green color. These I know from investigation are Plainsman pattern. They were all purchased between '55 and '68. The newest I have found are marked 200 for a center dish and 300 for the two candle holders. They are light, almost white with a brownish color. The other is marked 225 with tan and brown colors. These I would appreciate any help in colors names or anything else. Especially telling Ada from Sapulpa. Thanks for any help. Oops, I was wrong, I was wrong. I found a few more pieces, so I will list them. In prarie green I have K1 a Boot Hill ashtray, 6 big mugs marked 5M, 8 cups marked 5C, 1 creamer (can't read), 1 sugar bowl with lid marked 5C, 8 saucers marked 5E, 8 plates marked 5F, 2 plates marked 5G, 1 salt and pepper set (can't read, if there was any marks), 1 server tray marked 5Q, 1 planter (can't read) 1 pitcher marked 80. in the same shade as the center piece and candle holders talked about above (200, and 300) I have another K1 ashtray from Boot Hill. I also have another larger salt and pepper shaker set in another tan/brown shade with no marks. This comes to 47 pieces. I still don't know what shades to call some of these.

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