Blue Cactus Vase/planter

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I have a Frankoma piece that's circular and has a raised cactus motif. There's one currently listed on ebay as a planter. The one I have is blue and I've been trying to figure out which blue glaze it is. The clay is sapulpa. Does anyone know what shade(s) of blue this piece was made in? It's a slightly gray shade of blue that kind of looks like clay blue but I can't be sure.

I have two other pieces in this color, one is a bud vase (Sapulpa) and the other a small shallow bowl that's Ada clay. These are the only 3 pieces of this color I've ever found. Of course, there's ebay, but it's practically impossible to tell the actual color of a piece unless you know the name of the glaze.

I've looked in the Schaum book Collector's Guide to Frankoma Pottery, but it wasn't all that helpful in this instance.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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