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227 leaf bowl in prairie green

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Relax. This is an iconic Frankoma piece. I have at least a half dozen of these bowls in different sizes and glazes. I just love them. They come in three sizes. Your 227 is the largest, with 225 and 226 being the small and medium, respectively. They were made from 1942 through the 1980s in most of the different colored glazes. The one you have pictured is in Prairie Green, and it appears to be Ada clay from your photo of the back side, but I can't be sure without a better picture. The leaf bowls aren't worth a great deal because so many were made and are still around. The Ada clay leaves, of course, are worth more than those made with Sapulpa clay. The prettiest one I have I bought on ebay. It was an Ada clay 227, and it had one of the really beautiful rutile glazes. However, before I even opened the box it came in, I knew it was broken I heard the pieces clanking together. The idiot who sent it had put hardly any packing material in the box. I glued it back together as best I could and I still have it. It's still beautiful, especially if you don't look close enough to notice the tiny pieces that are missing.

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