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Frankoma Bowl 218

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Hi all, 

I found a light pink to rose bowl marked Frankoma 218. I haven't been able to find anything like it on the internet. I would be grateful for any information you could offer.

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Hi Seena,

I'm sorry I overlooked your May 5 question. I'm embarrassed.

I wish you had a photo of the bowl you describe. The book I always use to identify Frankoma (Collector's Guide to Frankoma Pottery by Gary V. Schaum) pictures almost every piece of Frankoma made up to 1990 -- emphasis on the word almost. The book lists a scalloped, 12-inch bowl with mold number 218, but it is not pictured anywhere in the book. It does state that they began making this bowl in 1942 and was still being made in 1990. Without a photo I cannot determine the exact color and I can't see the back stamp, which would determine approximately when the piece was made. If made of Sapulpa clay, the bowl is worth about $15; however, if made of Ada clay with an early back stamp, it could be worth $35 to $45, depending upon condition and color.

If you can manage it, please post a photo of the bowl. I'm very curious as to why it was not included the my "never fail" book.



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Seena - I just saw your question and the response from Patricia as I overlooked the email notification.  Here is my 2 cents - from a long time Frankoma collector:  Picture does help, but I found several pictures of the 218 Scalloped Bowl on Ebay.  They are common though none in the Rose colors at this time.  This glaze is Brown Satin. Besides the book Patricia mentioned, there are other online resources.  On Facebook - Frankoma Pottery Fans is strictly for collector's discussions - no buying or selling.  There are websites by collectors, but this one is great for references, including colors - frankomacollectors.org. On the FB page, here is one discussion about the difference in the 2 rose glazes and I have included the referenced picture: Here's Desert Rose and Redbud side by side to help show the color difference. Desert Rose was an overspray glaze and much more matte than the Redbud. Redbud can be very light pink, like the scalloped vase on the right, or it could be really dark, close to Desert Rose. When Redbud is glazed darker, the main way to tell the difference is the matte finish and some "orange peel" like texture is Desert Rose, Redbud will be glossy.
Redbud was used for several years vs Desert Rose was not used after mid'40s.

Redbud vs Desert Rose.jpg

Frankoma 218.jpg

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