Sondra E.

Red Apple Cookie Jar wanted

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I am desperately looking to replace a Frankoma Red Apple cookie jar that was accidentally broken.

I found a picture of it on OtraVia item #2606199988 but cannot figure out how to purchase it.

It looks like it may just be a picture from a private collection.

Any ideas?

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Hi Sondra,

Can you post a link to the photo you found? I've been collecting Frankoma for years, but I have never seen something called a Frankoma red apple cookie jar. My Frankoma tastes, however, run to the vintage pieces, and perhaps this cookie jar is a newer piece. I would really like to see what you're looking for. I'm sorry your cookie jar is no longer with us. You have my sympathy; it's hard to lose treasured pieces regardless of how they're lost.



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