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How do I find out how much my Fiestaware is worth?

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I have an Old Ivory (yellowish cream) Vintage Fiesta Ware Round Chop Plate 14 1/4" Serving Platter that I want to sell.  How do I determine a fair price for it?

Picture does not show true color.  It looks tan in good light.  No chips, scratches, or mars on plate.



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You're right about the color; it's Ivory. Homer Laughlin Company called this plate a 15" Chop Plate, but it is in fact 14-1/4" as you said. This plate was part of the original vintage Fiesta line and production began in 1935. There were two types of this very large plate, one with a single support ring (the part that touches the table) and yours is this type. There was also a double support ring model that had a smaller inner ring. I have one of these double-ring plates. There is some confusion about the reason for the inner ring. Some say it was needed to support such a large plate if it were loaded with something heavy, like turkey, for instance. There is also good evidence the second ring's purpose had to do with it fitting on a lazy Susan  revolving stand. I believe the double ring to be more rare than the single ring. Ivory was one of the original five colors, so it may have been made early on during production. However, these plates were not discontinued until 1959. I have read that the plates produced in the 50's colors are even more rare (Forest, Chartreuse, Rose and Turquoise). As for determining value, a search on eBay under Vintage Fiesta should be your first step and can be quite helpful. www.replacements.com might be helpful, too. Also the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association (HLCCA) Facebook page and its several related Fiesta pages are full of information. The value of your plate is often determined by how badly someone wants it, and that makes it difficult to offer it for sale. I apologize for not being more specific, but I hope some of this information is of use to you.

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