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Frankoma set- Need guidance

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Hello everyone!

I am looking to sell a Frankoma Plainsman ca 1953 set. I could use some help as to how to price. I am willing to sell under current value as I am not a collector.  I will post pic here. Thank you in advance for any help or advice!




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Selling your set, which looks like it is mismatched and not complete, may be somewhat difficult and not very rewarding financially.  If you do not have any pieces in demand vs common dinnerware - you maybe better off donating it to a thrift store so you can write off the donation on your taxes.  The problem with dinnerware is that 1) there is a lot of it available;  2) it takes a lot of box space to wrap it well for shipping;  and 3) it is expensive to ship because it is heavy.  You can check value by looking at completed auctions on Ebay (vs current auctions only show the price the seller wants and often the item does not sell).  There are some Frankoma Facebook groups for Frankoma reference "Frankoma Pottery Fans", and other groups for selling.  You can also sell via Craig's list or a garage sell. This website has a lot of great information accumulated from Frankoma "experts" including the Frank family. http://www.frankomacollector.com/Index.html
Your dinnerware looks like it is the 50 / 60's red clay with Brown Satin glaze, from what I can tell from the pictures.  You have a mixture of dishware patterns, which is not unusual.  Dishes that start with 4 are Lazybones, 5 are Plainsman,  6 are Westwind,. The salt & pepper are Plainsman.

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