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Can You Identify This Fiesta Pitcher?

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I'm a complete novice when it comes to Fiesta and I recently acquired a pitcher that I'm having trouble identifying. I believe the color is turquoise, although it seems to have more green than the pictures I have seen of turquoise. It is an ice lip pitcher, but not the round pitcher. It has the shape of the coffeepot, but not as tall. It measures 7 1/8" tall, width is 6 1/2" from handle to spout and the circular opening measures almost 2 1/2". Markings on bottom read HLC on top in block letters (not the stylized HLC) under that is fiesta with a small f and USA in block letters underneath. I have pictures but can't figure out how to post them here. Can anyone give me a clue? Thank you.

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Thanks for asking. There are two ways for you to show your photos in the TexasCooking.com message boards. You can post a message and if you look below the box where you are typing your message, you can add a file attachment. This uploads the file from your computer directly to our public directory.

This method works allright.

The better way to display your images is to hotlink to them from your message. This way the images appear directly in the body of your message, looking much better. All you need to do is setup an account on a photo sharing website like Photobucket.com.

As a test, I just opened a free account with photobucket.com, and uploaded several images from my computer to them. After uploading the images, I looked at my photos. Here Photobucket conveniently tells you the url to refer to your messages. Below is a photo which I just stored on PhotoBucket, which I have hotlinked into this message:


Caption: Peacock Fiesta dinnerplates fresh off the assembly line at the Homer Laughlin China plant.

Isn't that neat?

When writing a message on the TexasCooking.com message boards, just select Insert Image, and enter the url of the image you want to hotlink to. (which is something like http://www.photobucket.com/etc/filename.jpg) I know it sounds complicated at first, but once you do it several times, it becoes very easy.

Another hint - you can use Google's nice program Picassa to organize the photos on your own computer, as well as edit them, which comes in handy if you want to go ahead and start putting them online into messages or into online profiles like on www.myspace.com

I hope that helps!

Steve Labinski

Austin, TX

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