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Frankoma tile fireplace

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So I have a Frankoma tile fireplace in my home and I recently saved a bunch of tile from a house up the street they are unfortunately tearing down. One of the big pices I couldn't get out without damaging. Does anyone know where I could have it repaired? I want to use the pieces on my fireplace upstairs that was never tiled. 


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What a surprise! I didn't know Frankoma made these tiles. Your problem is an interesting one to have. I googled "restoration of pottery" and came up with quite a few results. One in particular, Hamlin's Restoration Studio, has impressive photos of pieces they have restored. Their website is at http://www.hamlinrestoration.com/pottery.html

I would love to see a photo of your fireplace, along with information about the tiles on your fireplace, as well as those you are salvaging from the house being torn down.

Thank you for writing, and I hope you will keep in touch as to your success. Best of luck!

Patricia Mitchell

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MicalGeorge - Do you use Facebook?  (I hope it is ok to talk about FB on this website.)  There is a longtime Frankoma collecter and seller who also does excellent repairs named Brenda Seabolt Belshe on FB.  She manages one of the Frankoma FB groups for selling Frankoma - called "Frankoma Treasures".  Brenda Belshe lives in Sapulpa OK, where Frankoma was made, and was / is friends with the Frank family.  I do not think I have Brenda's email address or phone number.  I have interacted with her via FB and in person at the annual gathering of Frankoma Collectors in Sapulpa, OK each fall.

There is a very large FB group (over 1800 members) for Frankoma collectors called "Frankoma Pottery Fans" which includes longtime collectors like Brenda, several past employees of the Frankoma factory, the present owner of the brand, and many others.

Frankoma made a few tiles, mostly for decorations or trivets.  The Franks house in Sapulpa, OK has Frankoma tiles throughout on walls and fireplace.  You can see it in this YouTube video. 


Jane Wiegand

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Added video of Frank home.

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