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Need help w 134 Oriental Man

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Hello All, and thanks for your time.

Came across this in a storage unit. Going to list on EBay, want to make sure I have good info and possible value.

From my research: Ada clay, Straight neck Oriental Man cat# 134. Cat stamp 1934-38(?). Prarie Green glaze(?).

Does it matter some glaze got in the stamp? Does that detract from value?

Please help me write an accurate description. Thanks for your time!




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Wow!  What a find! The Gary Schaum Collector's Guide to Frankoma Pottery values this piece (excellent cat mark, by the way) at $500-$600. But it's really hard to predict what a piece -- even a great, rare piece such as yours -- will bring. Also, if the color in your photo is true, I don't think it's Prairie Green, which didn't come into being until 1944. Instead, I think it looks more like Blue-Grey Jade, which was used between 1934 and 1938. Your photo appears to have a bluish cast to it, so that's my best guess. If so, that would make it even more rare. 

The only apparent damage in your photo is the tiny chip at the base of the neck. If that's the only imperfection, I think the piece would still bring top dollar. All you have to do is find someone willing to pay top dollar. This is a piece that a serious Frankoma collector would love to have.

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