New Fiesta ware (no markings on dinner and salad plates))

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I bought five sets of 4pc place settings of Fiesta,(color Slate) at KHOL'S in Tampa Fl.  According to the box all sets were made at The Homer Laughlin China  Co ..... My question is this...The cups and bowls have the fiesta ware markings on them but the dinner and salad plates have no markings not even a stamp like my Scarlet red dinner and salad plate sets do. .......Why is this?  All the boxes say The Homer Laughlin China Co.   I am confused!



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I, too, have Slate place settings, and the dinner and salad plates do not have back stamps. I bought mine directly from the Homer Laughlin Co. website, and there's no question that are authentic Fiesta. My guess is that Slate is so dark the black ink stamp would hardly show up. The mug and bowl included in the 4-piece place setting have markings that are part of the molds; however, I suppose HLC made new molds in recent years for the plates that do not include the embossed markings, hence the black ink stamps are in use. 

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