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Help With Dating My Tea Pot

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I've acquired this Fiestaware tea pot but i'm trying to accurately date it. I've tried the dating source provided through this site, but i'm still a little unsure as to who to label it.

I've included the a picture of the bottom (and markings) and a picture of the tea pot itself. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Your piece appears to be a (very nice) Post-86 turquoise teapot. And let me just add here that your photos are excellent.

First, a little history. The Homer Laughlin China Company produced Fiesta dinnerware beginning in 1934 and ending in the early 1970s (around 1973). Those early pieces are what is known as "vintage" Fiesta. In 1986, the company begin producing Fiesta again. The look was much the same, but the china was heavier, denser, vitreous, able to withstand higher temperatures, microwave ovens, and contained no lead. Some vintage pieces were not carried forward in the Post-86 line, and much of the Post-86 line contained new shapes that were not in the vintage line.

Even though there were differences between vintage and Post-86 Fiesta, the company used the same backstamp molds for many pieces. In order to avoid confusion (Is my teapot vintage or Post-86?), HLC added an "H" to the Post-86 backstamp so that there would be no question about correctly identifying the age of the piece.

Your teapot is undeniably a Post-86 teapot, and the "H" proves it.

Let us know if you have questions. And thanks for writing.

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