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Real? Not Real?

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I bought a couple of sets of Fiestaware at an estate sale a while back. A set of cobalt and a rose set. The cobalt has the 13 5/8" platter but no fiesta mark. There is B 7 on it (or an upside down L).

The bowl have no mark. All of the other pieces have either the black stamp (not happy) or the engraved one. I am guessing there are fiesta impostors out there,

Any one have any ideas?

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The description of your cobalt platter has a suspicious ring to it. A "B 7" mark makes no sense. I have a few of these platters, and they all bear the molded Fiesta backstamp. Is there a small circle of concentric rings in the center of the platter. Are there bordering lines around the edge? If it's Fiesta, they should be there.

You do not mention the kind of bowl that has no mark.

The best thing you can do is to take some very good photos and post them. You post photos here by opening an account at one of the free online photo storage sites like PhotoBucket. Then you can link from there to our board. As you might imagine, Cobalt is hard to photograph because it's dark but, with the right light, it can be done.

Oddly enough, some pieces that mimic Fiesta are actually made by Homer Laughlin (the company that makes Fiesta). The company does a very large business producing dinnerware for restaurants. Some of it is virtually identical to Fiesta, but does not have the Fiesta backstamps.

Try to post a photo, and we can give you a more definite opinion.

Thanks for posting!

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