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Vintage Vs New. Turquoise Teapot Has Both Features?

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I recently inherited a fiesta teapot. It is turquoise, holds 44 oz...

From what I have researched online I think this piece is vintage, the stamp on the bottom is imprinted and has the lowercase "f" in fiesta.But, in the pictures i've seen of vintage pots the lids look flatter. Can anyone confirm if this teapot is vintage or newer?

I couldn't figure how to upload my pictures, but the stamp on the bottom is identical to this orange one shown in this post: (http://boards.texascooking.com/topic/280-lilac-teapot-is-it-real/)


Here's a photo I just took of my persimmon teapot. That's the Fiesta backstamp. If it's not there, I'll bet its a knockoff. Note too the series of rings on the bottom, as well as along the edge of the lid, and on the inside of the handle. That style is just as important as the color glaze. Let us know what the final verdict is. And thanks for posting! -Steve


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