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Homer Laughlin Discontinues Fiesta Tumblers, More

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See you later, jumbo saucer!

After 'while, soup tureen!

Homer Laughlin China revealed yesterday their list of FIesta pieces which the company will be taking out of production as of May 31, 2013. These include the following:

293 Jumbo Saucer (6 3/4")

446 Tumbler

485 Small DIsc Pitcher

494 Covered Butter DIsh

1411 Soup Tureen

For collectors, I would think the most surprising of these is the tumbler, which has a rich history in both vintage and Post86 Fiesta lines. The Small DIsc Pitcher was one of the original sixteen items announced in February, 1986 as part of the reintroduced line.

The 494 Covered Butter Dish is being replaced with the new, wider butter dish, 1431 Large Covered Butter Dish.


The 1411 Soup Tureen was considered a special event item, so it's end of life comes as no surprise.

Of course, this might pave the way for future special production runs of Fiesta Tumblers in new colors. Only time will tell!

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