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New, With Questions :)

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Hello everyone,

About 3 years ago, I purchased four place settings of Green Creek, one of the last collections made. I think it is the most beautiful pottery I have ever seen, and goes very well with my kitchen/dining room colors. My plan was to add to it as I could afford it till I had enough for 8-12 people, and use it for my 'good' dishes, but shortly after Frankoma went out of business, and the Green Creek collection doesn't seem to be available anywhere. I really like Frankoma though, so I was thinking of adding in a couple of other types and mixing them. The colors I like are dark brown and turquoise, so I was thinking maybe Brown Satin, which I think would mix nicely with the Green Creek. Sage might too, but it doesn't seem to be very available either. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. I love Woodland Moss, or at least it appears to be dark brown and turquoise on my screen, haven't seen any in 'real life' yet. Is Woodland Moss going to be really hard to find? Maybe I should pick something else...

I would appreciate any insights or recommendations that you might have for me. I live in the OKC area - are there good places to find Frankoma around here? I see a lot on Ebay, but the shipping makes it awfully expensive.

Another question I have - Prairie Green seems to be very common, and sometimes it looks very green to me, and other times it looks more turquoise. Not sure if its just the photos I'm looking at, or were there really variations in the color, and if so, were there certain years that tended towards blue-green?

Thank you,


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Prairie green (like most of the Frankoma colors) can vary significantly from one piece to another. Both the clay and the glaze changed over time. It ranges from almost pure green to heavily brown. I wouldn't typically consider it to be turquoise, but some pieces might lean that way.

Woodland Moss is generally less available than Prairie Green, but you can probably still find it. Woodland moss also changes in color from year to year. It's more of a gray-green to gray-blue.

I'd suggest that you look around at antique shops to get a better idea. If you are ever in Tulsa, there are a couple of malls with lots of pieces. There is a place on the riverwalk in OKC that used to carry some Frankoma, but I don't know if they still have it.

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