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Found Duck

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There were two ducks (mallards), a #208 12-inch and a #208A 8-1/2-inch. The #208 was in production from 1962 into the Nineties, and the 208A starting in 1974. An experienced Frankoma collector may be able to more accurately date your alley duck by examining the bottom of the piece. Since either piece would be made of Sapulpa clay (as opposed to Ada which ceased in 1954), the redness of the clay could offer a clue. Early Sapulpa clay was deep brick red in color. By the time the Eighties rolled around, additives to the clay had changed its color to light pink or light orange.

Values for the mallards are $10-12 for the #208 and $8-10 for the 208A.

The mallards are handsome pieces. I think you're lucky to have found yours. Or perhaps it found you.

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