Frankoma Decorative Bowl?

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I have a question regarding a decorative bowl I have. I can't seem to get the photos I 've taken to import into this site. It is greenish-greyish with darker green and maybe gold wash inside. It is stamped with Frankoma on the bottom and the # 45. any information you could give me. It is about fourteen inches long with a very simple curved lines. It is about four inches long.

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Sally --

Your #45 bowl is referred to as an "Oblong Bowl" in one of my Frankoma books and "Oblong Planter" in another. Frankoma made this piece from 1955 to 1978, and it sounds like yours is Prairie Green. It is valued at $40-45. This is a nice piece of Frankoma. It has an Oriental look about it, and I occasionally see these come up on Ebay.

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