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Odd Thangs That Struck You While Reading Texas Hist.

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In the early 1800's, if you rode from one end of the state to the other, 90% of the time you would be fed corn meal, not flour.

The ranch house was a fort, a motel, a hospital, a cafe where if they was out you put more beans on to soak if you ate any, they looked you over and if you didn't "pass" you slept in the barn (rough customers).

Texas hold over - on a forty square mile ranch across from the Big Bend in old Mexico, if you left a gate open they shot you (1958). I had a group of Mexican's come up to me, or so I thought, and they said: "We no Mexican, we Mexcalaro Apache driven out of U.S. by U.S. cavalry." Thinking fast, I said, "Tell me about it." They were some of the most beautiful, friendly people I ever met. They are still over there and need to come home.

Tough people from other states (including Conn, N.Y. and N.J.) formed Texas. There was tons of rif-raf also.

Please search your memory banks of odd stuff that struck you about old Texas History and add it here.

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