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Cabernet Heart Marked Mhbp...

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Rescued from a thrift shop; I'd like to know when the heart bake pans were offered beginning to end - I have a large white one that I've had for I think more than 15 years...I'll have to do some heavy math or climb into the way-back machine to figure out when I actually visited the factory store & bought it.

I haven't been through all the catalogs on the site ... just looked at a few odd years (holy cow that's a lot of information!)...but I looked & did not find it listed under 'MHBP' in the mold index there. I don't know where else to look, so I'm hoping someone here can answer two questions:

1) what years were the heart bakepans offered, and

2) what years was the cabernet glaze color offered?

Bonus question: anything special or interesting about the heart bakepans?

I did find them in the 1994 catalog; it shows both size hearts - pictured in cabernet - and that price list shows they're both only offered in Bone & Cabernet glaze colors.

Thanks in advance :-)

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