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Texas History Trivia: Texas Momument

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Question: What decisive battle is commemorated in Houston, Texas by a 570 ft. tall monument?

Total Votes: 633



Goliad 29 4.58 %

Alamo 104 16.43 %

San Felipe 29 4.58 %

San Jacinto 471 74.41 %

The San Jacinto Monument was designed by the prolific Houston architect Alfred Finn to commemorate the Centennial of the Battle of San Jacinto. Built in the late 1930's, it is the world's tallest war memorial, fifteen feet taller than the Washington monument.

The Battle of San Jacinto, fought on April 21, 1836, was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. Led by General Sam Houston, the Texas Army engaged and defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna's Mexican forces. Hundreds of Mexican soldiers were killed or captured, while there were relatively few Texan casualties.

Today the state commemorates April 21 as an official state holiday. At this time the battleground site is the location for historic reenactments and celebrations.

Other facts about the monument are: The star on the top weighs 220 tons, the 3 dimensional star is 34 feet from point to point and during original construction the tower rose twenty-four feet a week.

The persistent rumor that an individual was buried alive in wet concrete during the construction of the momument is untrue.

San Jacinto Battleground / Monument State Historic Site

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site


3523 Battleground Road

LaPorte TX 77571

Texas Park & Wildlife website:



Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto

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