Bowl In Shape Of Oklahoma

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I've seen Oklahoma-shaped bowls and ashtrays. Also various Texas-shaped pieces, as well as pieces similar to your for Arkansas and Louisiana. I'm pretty sure they are all Sapulpa clay, which would rule out "vintage" Frankoma, but I do not know when Frankoma started making these pieces. 70s? 80s? Anyone?

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It was sold as a bake pan.

We made OK and TX shaped pans. At one time, we also made Louisiana and Arkansas shaped pans, but they didn't sell well.

Here's the OK pan:

TX (design changed at some point, but this is one of the designs):



There might have been a Kansas, too, but I'm not sure.

These pieces are not in the 1981 catalog, so I'm guessing they're later than that. Anyone interested in dates for pieces should start here:

Click on the 'catalogs' tab for a listing of all the different catalogs. These pans are in the 1991 catalog, page 26. I didn't go through all the other catalogs to see when they first appeared.

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