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Possible Frankoma Experimental Pegasus!

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I bought this little pegasus today and I'm curious if anyone else thinks it might be an experimental design by Frankoma. It looks very similar to the other little horses made by them through the 30's, 40's, and 50's. I've compared the clay to other pieces of Frankoma's sapulpa clay and it is identical. The color of the glaze is also identical to desert gold. The pegasus measures 4 7/8" tall to the top of the wings. Everything about this piece has a Frankoma look and feel to me. The base is iniatialed JB. Any other thoughts and opinion are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Amber



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I'd be willing to bet that's not Frankoma.

Several issues:

1. The color isn't right. Desert Gold is a rutile glaze. That is, the glaze has different colors depending on the thickness. Your piece shows clay through in the thin areas, but the glaze color itself doesn't change.

2. The clay color is similar to pieces from the 70's, but that was when Joniece was doing all the design work and this piece looks far too simplistic to be her work.

3. While the clay color could pass for a piece in the 70's, the texture looks a little too fine for that era (although it's hard to tell in a photo). Generally, pieces in the 70s had a somewhat coarser texture.

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