Frankoma Markings-specifically 4d

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can anyone tell me anything about a beautiful "goldish" color pitcher I recieved marked Frankoma 4D on the bottom?

thanks-I'm new to this but treasure this piece already! It's about 7" high and 7" wide without the handle-it is a light yellow base color with a darker gold color on it in opalces like the edge of the handle and the rim and spout, also some gold on the body of th epitcher. I found some info that said if the clay turned dark when made wet it was not ADA clay-it did turn darker, so I guess it's not ADA clay!

Thanks for any help with this

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Ellie --

It sounds like you have a 4D 2-quart Pitcher from the Lazybones dinnerware pattern, probably in Desert Gold. The Lazybones pattern was made from 1953 to 1991, so there is some chance it is Ada clay, since Ada clay was used up until 1954. The best way to tell the difference is just by judging the color. Ada clay is quite light -- beige to ivory. Sapulpa clay, which was used after Ada clay, is much darker -- dark brick red to lighter red-orange.

I'm glad you treasure your pitcher. I feel the same way about my Frankoma.

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