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Wagon Wheels

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I am bidding on some wagon wheels cups on e-bay, and they are described as being very old because they have the hex nut markings on the bottoms. This is the first I've ever heard of this. Does anyone else know anything about these markings?

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Susankay --

I have never heard of a hex nut mark, either. The Wagon Wheels pattern was made from 1942 to 1988, so it couldn't be any older than 1942 -- which, come to think of it, is even older than I am, so maybe it's pretty old after all.

Anyway, some people on ebay throw words around without knowing much about their subject. You see many descriptions that include the words "rare" and "vintage" when the item in question is neither. The best thing to do is get yourself a good book, and there are several. My favorite is "Collector's Guide to Frankoma Pottery" by Gary V. Schaum.

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