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Help Please With Ada Clay Bread Plate And 2 Gerald Smith Nude Figurine

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Hi - I've been trying to pin down some more information about these three items. I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!

#1 - Plainsman 8" bread plate, Ada clay. I cannot read the middle of the impressed mark on the back, to determine if it has the oblong or round "O" and narrow down the date produced. I'm having trouble deciding on the glaze color - Dusty Rose, Red Bud, or Rosetone. I have the Schaum book, but I can't seem to match the color to the examples shown.

Photo links - Sorry, I couldn't get them to post directly. I had to resize them in Photobucket, and either this board or Photobucket kept the cache of the large size photos instead of showing the resized ones:




#2 - Gerald Smith nude with water jug, GS-53. The only Smith item I found in my Schaum book is a vase from 1996.

I'm looking for the official/catalog name (if any), year made, and how many of these were produced. Also, It is signed on the bottom. Mr. Smith's name is on the left, surrounded by several other signatures. Who are all the other people?



#3 - Gerald Smith nude with draped fabric, GS-54. This one is marked with "169" in pen and incised - does that mean it was the 169th figurine produced? Again, I'm hoping for a catalog name and the number produced if possible.



Thanks again, and please let me know if you need any more information.


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