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Vase With Sheep Head On Each Side

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I do not have a picture to post for the vase I have. It is about 6 inches tall with what looks like a ram or sheep head on each side of the top. It is a muted turquoise color and has an original sticker on it that says "original CREATION by FRANKOMA". I also have a round salt and pepper set that has a "D" on the side of each piece. I also have a small creamer and suger set. All of these are the same color. Does anyone have an idea of what I have?

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Your vase is the Small Ramshead Vase, Mold No. 38, which was made between 1934 and 1949. There are several Frankoma glazes in blue and blue-green shades so, without seeing a good photo, I can't be sure of which one you have. There were two different turquoise glazes -- one translucent and one not -- used during that period. Since your vase was made prior to 1954, it is of Ada clay. In any case, you have a very nice piece of Frankoma with a book value of $35-$60, depending upon color and condition.

Without seeing the S&P set and the sugar and creamer, I really can't tell what you have. Frankoma made many sets of both.

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