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Happy National Irish Coffee Day

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Today the morning sprang from bed and brightly shined it's colorful rays out saying, Happy National Irish Coffee Day.

This day is January 25.

We quickly decided today would be an excellent time to make our recipe for Irish Coffee, which is part of a longer more general article on Irish drinks. To make Irish coffee, obviously you need hot coffee and Irish whiskey. We keep a bottle of Tullamore Dew in the bar just for such purposes.

In our quest for sticking on real ingredients, when it came to the whipped cream portion of the recipe we were forced to improvise. Obviously store bought whipped cream was right out. And as the Tipsy Texan writes, "Cool Whip - No way!" Now his bar is far more exquisitely stocked than ours, right down to having a set of no handle, Irish coffee glasses just for this purpose.

We decided that we'd really unbend and use our own footed Irish coffee mugs.

First we made whipped cream using an amazing gadget that had been gathering dust in a dark cabinet for years: a Hutzler Quick Whip whipped cream and milk frother. (Sorry folks, this item is no longer made by Hutzler) Pour in the whipping cream, and presto we had perfect whipped cream in about three minutes.


Once finished, we poured the coffee into our glass. Then we topped it with our fresh whipped cream. Now it's time

to sink into a comfortable chair, sip some Irish coffee and open a good book.


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