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Texas History Trivia: 5 Million Turkeys

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Question: It's true that Texas produces 5 million Turkeys each year. Which of these statistics is not true?

5 million cubic yards of debris left by Hurricane Rita 23 7.37 %

$5 million donated by Dallas' T. Boone Pickens for Red Cross Katrina 34 10.90 %

5 million free Slurpees given away by 7-Eleven in 2003 91 29.17 %

5 million international passengers annually at Houston airports 32 10.26 %

5 million acres in the State of Texas 132 42.31 %

Remember: Texas is really big.

Answer: 5 million acres in the State of Texas

This contest gives some insight into several interesting statistics. Texas growers produce 5 million turkeys each year. In fact, last year the value of Texas turkey production clocked in at $87 million, with a statewide economic impact of $146 million. McLennan and Milam counties are Texas’ top two producers, and Texas has typically ranked as one of the top 10 states nationally in terms of production. A million turkeys here, a million turkeys there, and pretty soon you are talking a lot of turkeys.

The incorrect fact is the last choice. Texas is much larger than 5 million acres. The total area of Texas is 17,105,728 acres, or 267,277 square miles.

State and federal officials estimated that Hurricane Rita left approximately 5 million cubic yards of fallen trees, limbs, brush and debris from damaged buildings in her wake, and the cleanup could cost up to $100 million or more.

Texas billionaire Boone Pickens, donated $5 million dollars to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina response. This donation also includes contributions from employees in his company. In classic Texas-style, Pickens started as a wildcatter on the oil fields of West Texas, which led to a series of high-profile hostile takeovers in the 1980s. Pickens is the founder and current CEO of BP Capital based in Dallas, Texas. His donation came with a challenge to others to exercise their compassion through the Red Cross.

Perhaps the most interesting fact is that 7-Eleven really did give away 5 million Surpees from its chain of convenience stores. The occasion was the firm's seventy-sixth birthday. This news came directly from the company, and not an independent third party auditor. So readers should take all this information with a Big Gulp.



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