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Several Questions About Frankoma Items

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I have several Frankoma items that I am looking for information about.

1. A barrel mug that I "think" is Ada clay. I'm not sure if it is turquoise or peacock blue. I'd like to know the age and value of it, too.




Bottom and mark:


2. A vase that is the dark red, Sapulca, clay. It is shaped like an oil derrick and marked with "DESIGNED EXCLUSIVELY FOR OIL CAPITAL FLORISTS BY FRANKOMA POTTERY". I found that Tulsa is called the "Oil Capital". I can't find any information on Oil Capital florists. I'd like to know the age, value, any additional info on this vase.



3. Quart size White pitcher 26 D with decal advertising - What is this pattern, and is this a recent / common thing for advertising to be on items like this one (currently or how old?) - Decal says "50 Years VVEC / MEMBERSHIP WITH GROWING ADVANTAGES"



4. I have a wagon wheel sugar bowl (Ada clay.....I think). I would like to find a lid for it. If anybody knows where I could find one or if anyone has one, I'd appreciate any information about it.



Thank you very much!


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I found out that VVEC was started in 1938, that pitcher was probably made in 1988.

Any "suggestions" on the what color the greenish-blue mug would / should be called?? Thanks! Lucy

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V V E C - Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative - Collinsville, OK

"Nonprofit organization providing electric power to its members in Nowata, Osage, Rogers, Tulsa, and Washington counties in Oklahoma."

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1. Your mug is a #94M 16-ounce Wagon Wheels mug. It is definitely Ada clay. And it is Turquoise. I believe this piece was available in Prairie Green, Desert Gold, Onyx, Turquoise, White Sand, Sorghum Brown and Red Bud only. But your photos are good, and the color alone dates it. Frankoma had 3 different turquoise glazes, and I believe yours is the "Translucent, glossy blue-green" turquoise they used from 1951 to 1954. I'd say it was closer to 1951 because it has the small, hand-incised Frankoma stamp on the bottom, and they stopped using that in the early 50's.

I have several Frankoma reference books, but the one I have the most confidence in is the "Collector's Guide to Frankoma Pottery" by Gary V. Schaum. According to that book, your piece is worth about $12; however, since the glaze is one of the more desirable ones it's possible it would bring more on Ebay -- especially if you happened to find a buyer that was trying to complete a Wagon Wheels set in Turquoise.

2. Your vase is a #198 Oil Derrick vase made between 1982 and 1985. It is one of Frankoma's stock pieces, but they often customized stock pieces for customers, and apparently yours was made for Oil Capital Florists in Tulsa. The misspelling is curious because the correct spelling would be c-a-p-i-t-O-l and your photo looks a little bit like the "A" was added manually over the stamped "O". The book values this piece at only about $7.50, but it's anybody's guess as to what a customized piece would bring. Again, if on Ebay a Buyer wanted the piece for a sentimental attachment to a defunct florist, it would probably bring more.

3. Your pitcher is a #26D 1-quart pitcher in White Sand, and Frankoma started making them in 1969 and, you're right, the decal probably dates it to the late 80's. Again, this is a stock Frankoma piece which the book values at $10-$15. They just fired it with the customer's decal on it.

4. Your Wagon Wheel sugar bowl is a nice one, and it looks like Ada clay. It appears to have that same little hand-incised stamp so it would be from the early 50's. This 10-ounce sugar bowl is a 94B, and does not have a lid. The Wagon Wheels teapot has a lid, but not the sugar bowl.

If you want to learn about Frankoma, I recommend that you get a good book and/or start looking on Ebay. At most any time, there are well over a thousand Frankoma auctions going on, and you can learn a lot just by watching. You don't have to buy a thing -- just watch what other people are paying for things. I personally started buying Frankoma before I knew anything about it, but I soon got a book and started to learn. I will say that the art pottery pieces are worth far more than the dinnerware pieces and, of course, the old stuff is worth lots more than the new stuff. You just never know what's going to happen on Ebay. Sometimes pieces bring lots more than book value and sometimes lots less.

If you did want to find just a lid on Ebay, for example, you would do a search on "Frankoma lid" in the Pottery & Glass category, and I'm sure you'd find quite a few.

If you want to sell your pieces, you can always place them in a consignment shop. And there's always Ebay.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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