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Peach Cobbler

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Well, 3 cups of fresh peaches with their juices is not going to be the equivalent of 3 cups of canned peaches. First of all, canned peaches are packed in heavy sugar syrup, so you would need to omit or at least use a lot less sugar. Next, the amount of juice (syrup) in canned peaches would be a lot more than fresh peaches generate when they are sugared and left to set a little while.

So I think you should open the cans, pour off the juice (don't squeeze it out -- just pour off the excess juice) and measure until you have 3 cups of slightly juicy peaches. Then, don't sugar the peaches. If your cobbler recipe calls for cinnamon or lemon juice to be added to the peaches, go ahead and do that.

That's the best I can do without seeing the cobbler recipe you're using. Good luck.


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