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I have a green/turquoise bread plate which is approximatey 8 " in diameter. It looks very new. When I turn the plate over there is a symbol which looks like a "K" engraved on the back.

Is this fiestaware ? Is there anyway to know if it is vintage or new ?


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After checking a few books, I don't think your plate is Fiesta. Vintage Fiesta had 6-5/16", 7-7/16", 9-7/16" and 10-7/16" plates, but no 8" plates. Also, the backstamp on the vintage pieces would read "Genuine Fiesta HLCo USA". Post-86 plates have the round, black-ink backstamp.

One good way to tell the difference between vintage and new Fiesta -- for plates anyway -- is to see if the "foot" (the foot is the part of the plate that touches the table) is glazed. The foot on vintage plates is fully glazed. The foot on new Fiestaware plates is not glazed. This is usually only necessary for Turquoise and Gray, which were both Vintage and Post-86 colors.

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