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F A Q - Fiesta Dinnerware Forum Q & A

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We invite anyone interested in talking about the Fiesta or other Homer Laughlin china to use our message board.

IMPORTANT This is not an official website run by the Homer Laughlin Corporation or the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association. This is a fan website maintained by volunteers.

This board augments the Texas Dinnerware Store featuring Fiesta dinnerware on ther Texas Cooking websiste: http://www.texascooking.com/fiestaware/

What do I do first? Just register with a username and password. You can personalize yourself with a small "avatar" photo, a quick description and more. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I would love to see more use on the board. Feel free to talk about anything, but please don't "flame" --- which means pick fights with others.

What kinds of things should I post? Have questions about your Fiesta? Perhaps you received some things which you think is Fiesta, but you are unsure. Perhaps you wish to talk about the new, secret 9x9-inch baking dish Fiesta shape.

You can post photographs of your Fiesta either by linking to them on your own web page or one of the free photo storage sites like PhotoBucket or Google's Picassa.

Feel Free!

Steve Labinski

Texas Cooking / Texana

Austin, TX

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