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Guest riverview recipes

Cocktail Pie

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Guest riverview recipes

Got this from a cocktail waitress in the 80's. I have used it for many parties

and with football season coming up everyone loves it.

1 disposable aluminum pie tin

1 tub or 8 oz. package of cream cheese (can use low-fat)

1 can of crabmeat ( can be lump or otherwise - whatever you prefer) drained.

1 bottle of Cocktail sauce

1 box of Triscuits (the unsalted or low-sodium ones are good for this)

spread the cream cheese evenly on sides and bottom of the pie tin. (You can use

a little more if you like). Add the crabmeat (drained) and spread over the cream

cheese evenly. After it sets a little bit dump the whole bottle of coctail sauce

on the top and spread around lightly with a bread knife. Put in the refrigerator

and chill for an hour or more. Cover lightly with saran wrap if chilling overnight.

When serving, arrange crackers on a plate with a regular table knife. Spread

the dip onto the crackers. Great ! Tastes exactly like crabmeat cocktail.

Very rich ! :wub:

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