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Texas History Trivia: Alamo Defenders

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Question: A total of 189 men are known to have died in defense of the Alamo in March, 1836. From which state did the majority of the Alamo defenders come?

People's Votes So Far: 845



Kentucky 169 20.00 %

Virginia 57 6.75 %

Tennesse 476 56.33 %

Texas 143 16.92 %

Answer: Tennessee

Davy Crockett and the men who accompanied him tipped the balance toward his native state, Tennessee.

The origins of the defenders break down as follows:

The Americans

Alabama - 3 Maryland - 1 Pennsylvania - 14

Arkansas - 2 Missouri - 6 Rhode Island - 1

Connecticut - 1 Mississippi - 3 South Carolina - 7

Georgia - 5 North Carolina - 7 Tennessee - 30

Illinois - 1 New Hampshire - 1 Texas - 11

Kentucky - 15 New Jersey - 1 Virginia - 12

Louisiana - 4 New York - 6 Vermont - 1

Massachusetts - 4 Ohio - 4 Unknown - 20

The Europeans

Denmark - 1 Germany - 2 Scotland - 4

England - 12 Ireland - 9 Wales - 1

For a wealth of information about The Alamo, visit its colorful website at http://www.thealamo.org/

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I was teaching the teen class Sunday School at the Salvation Army in Twin Falls, Idaho when one of the oldest students learned I was from Texas.

He told me his g g g grandfather was a spy for the defenders of the Alamo. He brought them troop movements and numbers and helped identify who the Mexican Generals were.

I have always found it interesting how things really shook out in history. Mexicans helping whites at the Alamo, and alledgedly 40% of Georgian's were pro North and were harrased and shot during and after the civil war.

Charles Goodnight rode a mare bareback from Ill. to North Central Texas at age nine; was hunting with the Caddo Indians beyond the fronteer at thirteen, launched into the cattle business at age twenty, scout for the Texas Rangers at twenty four, dominating nearly 20 million acres of range country in the interests of law and order at forty, listened to his wife and saved the buffalo, and at sixty was know as the most scientific breeder of cattle in the world; yet, refused to fight in the Civil War because he thought it foolish for a nation to fight its self.

Custer trivia: his black maid during the Civil War was the only servant that would bring the officers on the front line food and drink during the war. She was captured three times by the South and excaped three times and came back to Custer. There would be bombs bursting overhead and killing soldiers all around them and she would stand there and serve food to the officers. During a flood in Kansas after the war, she was still Custer's maid, she took over Custer's wife and her friends and they tore apart their tent and tied it together with the cloth and ropes, attached it to a gattlin gun axel and pulled men out of the raging current as they were being swept past them. They were all standing in their bloomers in deep water and mud.

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