Waco Whole Wheat Bread

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Waco Whole Wheat Bread

Yield: 1 Loaf


1 1/8 c -Water

2 tb Margarine

1 1/4 tb Sugar

1 1/4 ts Salt

2 c Whole wheat flour

2 c Bread flour

4 tb Non-fat dry milk

2 1/2 ts Dry yeast

Combine all the ingredients in the bread pan of a large bread

machine. Do not mix. Close the lid and push the Start button.

Makes 1 1 1/2-pound loaf. Less than 1 gram of fat per serving.

Source: "New Taste of Texas" by Peg Hein.

Joyce's Notes: I added 2 tb. gluten and some extra water. I made

this on the dough cycle and baked in two small loaf pans in the oven,

after the second rise in the pans. I liked the texture and it sliced


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