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Texas Movie Trivia

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Question: What was the first motion picture to be written, produced, directed, distributed and filmed completely in Texas?

Out of 787 votes

Giant 273 34.69 %

The Alamo (John Wayne) 210 26.68 %

Benji 45 5.72 %

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 90 11.44 %

The Last Picture Show 169 21.47 %

Our news article can be found at:

The movie Benji marked the first time a picture has been written, produced, filmed, distributed, advertised and promoted from Texas. In 1973, Joe Camp, president of Mulberry Square Productions in Dallas, wrote, produced and directed Benji which grossed $30 million in two years. Filming locations of the movie included the towns of Denton and McKinney, Texas.

This delightful story of a dog was photographed with an unusual twist - from Benji's point of view, about four inches off the floor. In the movie, Benji sets out to save two kidnapped kids and finds love with a fetching female canine named Tiffany along the way.

Despite almost fitting our quiz criteria, the cult horror movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not the correct answer. Official listings state that it was released only days before Benji, however its distributor was not Texas based. (Its original release is a long and dramatic story.)


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