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I use em to make homemade jelly. I used to mainly eat Grape jelly until I had my aunt show me how to make the jelly. I always liked dewberry jelly but could never find it in the store. So I was relying on the farmers market in Mexia to buy it until I learned how easy jelly was.

I am going down this weekend to pick a bunch and will have a couple of years supply of jelly.


Of course cobbler is good too! Sorry, haven't tried the recipe I have for that so I won't post it until I try it. Maybe next week.

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Dewberries are in season, I'd love to see what kind recipes yall can share with me.

TRy this..in a tall glass, layer berries, pieces of pound cake, Bluebell vanilla Ice Cream, and whipped cream in that order, repeating in thin layers, until filled...freeze for 15 minutes, and beat the heat that is sure to come!

Alternatively, use the berries/fruit that is in season to stretch this cool dessert over the summer! Easy to fix, easy to devour!


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