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Hot Cajun Tater Salad

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I've gotta share this with yall, it's awesome. I make a large quantity because I serve them at BBQ cook-offs and people go nuts over it.

Hot Cajun Tater Salad (spicy and served hot)

Peel/Cut/Boil potatoes as you would for cold potato salad (I use 'bout 10 lbs of red potatoes and don't peel em).

Drain and put in a large bowl

In a separate bowl make the sauce... put in everything you would as if it were a baked potato, i.e., butter (1 stick softened), sourcream (1 large tub), real bacon pieces(2 jars of Hormel or fresh), chopped green onions (2 bundles chopped finely), 2 envelopes of grated colby-jack cheese... and whatever else you want in it.

To the sauce, add plenty of Tony Cacheree's ( or your favorite cajun blend) to taste, the more the spicy the better.

Gently fold the sauce into the hot potatoes, and serve while warm.

I have put these in an electric roaster set on warm to keep them hot while serving.

Let me know your input. :stirthepot:

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sounds absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to try it. I'll bet it feeds a hungry herd

fast. Could you put this in a crockpot on low also? I guess you could keep adding grated cheese to it all day.

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