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Quick & Dirty Fideo Recipe

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For those that aren't familiar with Soupa de Fideos (Mexican Vermicelli Soup) it's basically the Mexican equivalent of Mac 'n' Cheese... I grew up eating this tasty mexican dish, it was served with pretty much any meal.

Recently, due to a mix-up at the supermarket, I found myself with two boxes of chicken flavored tomato bullion instead of two boxes of chicken bullion. After taking a look at the ingredients, I decided why not try it. It's a nuisance to only use 1/2 can of tomato sauce when making fideo anyway (too much tomato ruins the soup in my opinion, others may have different tastes.)

Disclaimer: All ingredients can be lessened or increased to taste, some of the spices are guesstimated as I usually just pour them into my hand until they are the correct quantity and then throw it in.

Anyway, here goes...


1 box Q&Q {Quality & Quantity, yellow box} Vermicelli (Others in same size box work.)

3 T Lard (For Authentic flavor... Canola or another oil can also be used. Never Use Olive Oil.)

1/2 t Cumin Powder

1 t Onion Powder

2/3 t Garlic Powder

1 cube Tomato Boullion with Chicken Flavor (the large ones that make 2 cups)

4 c Water

1 T Salt (yes, 1 Tablespoon decrease or increase to taste, should be mildly salty)

Dash of: Black Pepper, Chili Power, Cayenne Pepper (to taste)


In a 10-inch or larger skillet (I use my cast iron) melt the lard over Med-High heat and stir the vermicelli in, continuing to stir until golden brown. (A few dark noodles are okay, they won't all brown at the same rate)

Slowly pour in the water. Stir only after the first 1 or 2 cups are added (for safety, the grease will splatter when you start adding the water.)

Add the boullion & spices. Bring to boil and reduce to medium to medium-low heat. Boil 8-10 minutes uncovered.


Goes great with most authentic mexican dishes, or it can be served alone with some fresh hot flour tortillas.

The original recipe calls for chicken boullion and 4oz tomato sauce. This creates a fuller flavor but is a bit messier as it leaves 1/2 can of tomato sauce unused. I know others use tomato paste (about an inch or so) but I don't care for the taste.


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I'm in Laredo and I always use the chicken buillon with tomato for this sopa. Recipe looks good to me, but I always fry some boneless chicken thighs before frying the fideo and use the fat that the chicken provided to fry the fideo. Cook the chicken until it is done, take it out while frying the fideo and then add it back to take in the flavors. After my fideo is done I turn it off and then drop a handfull of fresh cilantro on top and then cover it for a few minutes. Adds great flavor.

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