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Adrienne Barbeau Collects Fiesta; Loves Pittsburgh

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Here's what actress Adrienne Barbeau says in an new news interview with the Beaver County Times:

"Pittsburgh is one of my favorite cities," Barbeau said. "I've had wonderful experiences there starting with my first visit filming 'Creepshow' with George (Romero). When we weren't filming, I was hitting the antique stores. I was into antique quilts then," she said, recalling one of her first suppliers was a Mrs. McCloud. "That's also where I started my Fiestaware collection."

So they filmed that "Thing in the Crate" portion of Creepshow in Pittsburgh. The interview comes on the heels of a special screening of Escape from New York at the Andy Warhol Museum that was Friday, November 4 which she attended.

Here is the link to the full interview -->

So I have to wonder: What Mrs. Barbeau's favorite Fiesta color?


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