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Let's Make A Chicken Enchilada Dinner

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And how about a nice plate of tangy, cheesy enchiladas?

One fine Texas Cooking writer contributed a popular Tex-Mex article to the website back several years ago: Tex-Mex Food Never Tasted So Lean. In this informative piece, writer Trish Bales makes the case that home cooked Tex-Mex food does not have to be fattening. Like all Texas Cooking articles, it includes recipes. Trish's menu of roasted poblano and chicken enchiladas with tomatillo salsa and charro beans always looked interesting, but nobody at the Texas Cooking offices had prepared them personally - until now.


Chicken Enchiladas with Tomatillo Salsa

The only complicated thing about this recipe is making the tomatillo salsa, which requires a blender. Living in Texas, it's pretty easy finding fresh tomatillos. The HEB's and even the Wal-Mart's sell them. Also as of this writing, a large bunch of fresh cilantro costs twenty-nine cents.

When finished, the cooked salsa is a saucy accompaniment to chicken enchiladas, which are baked in the oven. Of course you can spoon more salsa over your enchiladas. The sliced poblano chiles add an even greater taste dimension to the meal.

Another surprise from the article were the Charro Beans, which also happens to be a recipe that we had not ever added to our cookbook.

A chicken enchilada dinner seasoned with strips of poblano chiles and covered in tangy tomatillo salsa will make a fine, memorable dinner. And don't forget to make the charro beans. Wash everything down with iced tea or a cold margarita.

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